Site Management

Site Management 

Roofs have a limited lifespan. Eventually, they will require repair, replacement, restoration, or retrofit. To extend the life of your roof, you need roofing consultants and specialists. Site management is part of preventive maintenance that will save your roof from further damage.

Why should you choose a professional like Bolton Roofer to manage your site?

  • To protect the interest of you, as a property owner
  • To remarkably extend your roof’s lifespan
  • To prevent costly leakage and damage to your roof
  • And of course, to save tons and cut costs!

To make things easier and conducive for our clients around Bolton, UK, we make sure that we perform site management beyond expectations. We provide a roof assessment program to optimize your roof’s performance. This allows you to save time and money for unnecessary repairs. 

Our site management service at Roofer Bolton ensures that your roofing job is done well. There’s no space for scanty and inadequate work for us! Our professional team guarantees efficient, effective, and responsible site management for you.

We are 100% honest with every detail and assessment we give. With our site management service, we safeguard the correctness, reliability, durability, and strength of your property. 

Here are a few things an inspector must look for during site management:

  • Rusting metal
  • Coping impact damage
  • Ponding water and blisters
  • Membrane deterioration
  • Non-destructive investigation
  • Continuity of roof covering
  • Condition of interior finishing 
  • Water penetration

If the aforementioned concerns are seen, our well-trained team may suggest moisture testing, such as:

    • Moisture probing. This test is done to assess distressed areas on your roof indicating moisture. This makes use of a probe that goes through your roof’s surface equipped with a moisture meter.
    • Roof core drilling. In this test, an investigative hole is cut through your roof to document notable conditions where problems are suspected to arise. Don’t worry, because the hole is patched after this moisture test.
    • Infrared scanning. With the use of grid surveys and infrared snapshots, moisture problems existing on your roof may be detected. Infrared scanning makes use of rays that can differentiate temperature which may be indicative of moisture.

We supervise. And we do it exceptionally. 

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