Roof Coating

Roof Coating

Roof coatings come in a lot of varieties and applications. If you are a building owner, it’s tough to read through all the information without a full background about roof coatings. That’s why it’s best to contact professionals who can manage and do the job swiftly for you.

Roofer Bolton has a team of experts, fully equipped to present options and guide you through every decision making process. We know that your roof plays a huge role in enhancing your property and ensuring safety among living individuals. That’s why we, at Roofer Bolton, use premium roof coating to guarantee a safe coating application that lasts.

Why is it important to hire experts to apply roof coating to your property?

  • Extend roof life. Who wouldn’t want a roof that surpasses its average lifespan? Through roof coatings, you add a protective layer between your roof and harmful elements that may potentially deteriorate your roof. Under these harmful elements are UV rays and hail.
  • Save the environment. It’s not a good decision to change your roofs without regular inspections and surveys. Changing roofs often means more waste for the environment. With Roofer Bolton’s roof coatings, you’re reducing the amount of waste for the environment.
  • Renewable protection. If you’re happy with your roof coating and you want to refresh and further extend your roof’s lifespan, Roofer Bolton will be happy to get the job done for you! The reapplication of roof coatings every decade or so ensures your structure remains waterproof, and safe from harmful elements.
  • Maintaining your roof colour. A faded roof can be an eyesore. To make your property more appealing, we make roof coatings that protect the aesthetics of your roof. Coloured roofs are one of our options at Roofer Bolton to add an extra appeal and branding to your property. 

Commercial Roof Coatings

EPDM Roofs

Roofer Bolton has the expertise and skills to help you decide your roof coating and waterproofing needs. Our roofing coating systems can cut your costs as compared to traditional roof replacement.

Thermoplastic Roofs

Our coatings save the environment. After around ten years, Roofer Bolton’s coatings have a good Return of Investment (ROI)!

Metal Roofs

Your roofs can be protected through Roofer Bolton’s metal roof coatings, keeping it weathertight by repairing cracks and leaks.

Built-up Roofs

Built-up roofs or tar and gravel roofs have gained popularity since 1970. To save money and prevent downtime, it’s best to have built-up roofs coated. This prevents bad weathering and leakage of your roof. 

As you might have noticed, not all roofs are subject to a roof coating. If you aren’t sure about your roof’s condition, or you’re planning to have your property’s roof coated, don’t hesitate to contact us! Whether it’s a new roof or an old roof requiring repair and roof coating, we will steer you right at Roofer Bolton.

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