Chimney, Felt and Ridge Replacement

Felt and Ridges Replacement

If your roof’s ridges and felt show problems, it’s hard to fix it by yourself, most especially if you are not trained in the field. You’ve probably come across “how-to” websites to try to do it yourself, but replacing felts and ridges is a tough job! If done incorrectly, this might pose a lot of problems in the future.

But, don’t you worry, because Roofer Bolton is right here to assist you. We offer felt and ridges replacement around Bolton. Not living nearby? No problem, as you can freely contact us through @. We are ready to extend our helping hands for your roofing concerns!

Chimney Replacement

Chimneys need to be checked yearly to ensure they function properly and safely. The most common problems that may arise are cracks or loose bricks due to constant heat. To make it easy to detect problems, our chimney experts at Roofer Bolton are here.

Our team conducts maintenance and regular inspections of your chimney. Most of the time, problems regarding this structure start for minor concerns that weren’t detected. Through frequent inspection and survey, repairs to existing problems can be made. Also, prevention of further issues is made possible.

Roofer Bolton provides comprehensive chimney replacement services for every type of chimney. We cater to those living around Bolton, United Kingdom. If you live outside the area, don’t hesitate to call us to discuss concerns directly – we’d be happier to attend to your chimney replacement needs.

Don’t know whether your chimney needs to be repaired or replaced?

Here are some warning signs that you might need to look for:

  • Damaged mortar joints between masonry. Damaged mortar joints may cause your chimney to collapse. They could accelerate damage to the chimney because of rampant exposure to moisture.
  • Rusted Firebox. Not only does this poses danger to your health, but a rusted firebox is a sign that your chimney is deteriorating. This sign is highly dangerous, as it may cause a house fire if your chimney is not repaired or replaced immediately.
  • Cracked chimney crown. Your chimney crown is the first line of defence against outdoor elements that may potentially harm your chimney. If this gets cracked, water can get in, making the cracks more extensive. It’s best to have this checked by our professional team at Roofer Bolton.
  • White staining. Now this warning sign can look deceiving. It’s a telltale sign of moisture damage of your chimney. Cleaning your chimney may be a superficial solution, so you might consider chimney replacement if the problem persists.

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