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Get in contact to discuss your roofing needs, whether you need a new roof or just a repair to your existing roof.  We are ready and waiting to help you and work across Bolton and the surrounding areas. 

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Roofer Bolton provides superior roofing services for the protection of your home or business. Through quality workmanship, advanced techniques, latest technology, and exceptional customer service, Roofer Bolton has been providing excellent roofing services around Bolton including Lancashire and Greater Manchester for over 20 years.

No roofing job is too small. We pay close attention to every detail of your roof. Roofer Bolton utilises premium, durable equipment that suits your roofing needs. Our roofers are highly-skilled to explain all services to guide you in the selection of your preferred service. 

As a leading provider of roofing services in Bolton with over 20 years of experience, we know that maintaining the safety and security of your property is a priority. On top of that, we understand our client’s trust in a cost-effective service. To have greater returns, we take pride in being a dependable, reliable, and sincere roofing company at a reasonable price.

We want you to enjoy your roof as an investment and have a great deal of return in the long run. We provide economical solutions for you through our expert skilled team members. We do not just lay options out, but we assure that our clients get what they pay for. 

New Roofs

Some property owners nowadays seem to not consider investing in a new roof until it seems they don’t have any choice. However, installing a new roof has a huge impact on the overall structure and comfort of your living spaces. Have your new roof installed by Roofer Bolton, a trusted, leading roofing service provider in Bolton, UK.

Roof Repairs

Considering that your property’s roof is one of the largest structures of your establishment, repairing it can cost you. 

But, here’s the  good news for you: regular maintenance can save you thousands of pounds and lengthen your roof’s lifespan!


If your roof has had countless issues over time, and it has exceeded the average life of roods, then its removal is one of the big decisions you may be making. You may think that your roof can still recover, but, sometimes, it is not the best investment. 

Our experienced experts and roofers are ready to come up with a cost-effective solution for your property. So, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be very happy to assist you all the way!

Felt, Ridges and Chimneys

Felt, chimneys, and ridges need to be checked yearly to ensure they function properly and safely. To make it easy to detect problems, our experts at Roofer Bolton are here. Roofer Bolton provides comprehensive felt, ridges, and chimney replacement services for every type. 

Roof Coatings

Roofer Bolton has a team of experts, fully equipped to present options and guide you through every decision making process. We know that your roof plays a huge role in enhancing your property and ensuring safety among living individuals. That’s why we, at Roofer Bolton, use premium roof coating to guarantee a safe coating application that lasts.


Site Management

Our site management service at Roofer Bolton ensures that your roofing job is done well. There’s no space for scanty and lousy work for us! Our professional team guarantees efficient, effective, and responsible site management for you. We supervise. And we do it exceptionally.


Eco Friendly Roof

We strive to minimise the impact of our work on the environment in terms of roofing materials and waste management.


The Newest Roofing Technology

We are always looking for new ways of improving how we provide our roofing services to our clients across Bolton.


High Quality and Safe Construction Management

We will ensure that all our roofing jobs are well managed and safe for our staff and our customers. 

No Roofing Job Too Big Or Too Small

We provide a wide range of great value roofing services across Bolton and the surrounding areas. Our roofing services include new roofs, flat roofs, pitched roofs, roof repairs, ridge replacements, felt replacement, lead flashing and much more. 

If you have any questions get in contact. We are happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and getting your roofing project underway – rest assured you will be delighted with the service we provide and the end result.


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Why Choose Roofer Bolton

With quality and customer satisfaction as our priority, we ensure that your property is in the best hands. Our professional roofers at Roofer Bolton are beyond capable and skilled in addressing all your roofing issues. 

From the initial consultation, installation, site management, minor repairs to major repairs, Roofer Bolton is here for you. We do not have room for lousy work, so we guarantee a smooth roofing service with premium quality that lasts. 

We care for our clients, so we build a relationship that allows our delivery of service to be smooth-sailing. We earn our clients’ trust by standing on a foundation built on high standards of quality work.

1. Excellence and Experience.
Roofer Bolton carries over 20 years of experience of providing homeowners and business owners the quality work beyond what they deserve.

2. Reliable Customer Service.
Our staff are professionally trained, friendly, and efficient. We take pride in providing the best and reliable roofing services. We understand how much you care for your property, so we, at Roofer Bolton, value the trust we gain.

3. Integrity and Respect.
We treat our clients with respect. We hear, listen, and help you with your roofing needs. 

4. Affordable Rates.
At Roofer Bolton, we determine the best solution for your property. Every step is essential, so we provide a transparent overview of what’s in store for you, making sure that you enjoy your investment.

Have peace of mind and let our professionals do it for you. Let us provide you with excellent roofing services only at Roofer Bolton!

Roofer Bolton

You will be delighted with our roofing services.

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